Wishbone Drum—The CD


1. Wishbone Drum
2. Misty Dawn
3. Persephone
4. Rainbows
5. Star of Heaven
6. The Woman in White
(cello: Thea Maria)
7. The Seal Woman’s Daughter
(lyrics: Alison Bermond)
8. Time Out of Mind
9. My Own Song
10. Man of Gold and Silver
11. Wayfarer Fare Well
12. Prayer For My Brother
13. Melissa’s Lullaby

Music & lyrics by Lorna Kohler: vocals, guitar, oboe, English horn

Produced by Lorna Kohler
Lyrics and notes at http://www.spiralingintothecenter.com
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Flynn and Darryl Webb at Silverado Records, Calistoga, California • www.silveradomusic.com
© 2016 Lorna Kohler • Persephone’s Ladder Music ASCAP
All rights reserved

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Wishbone Drum will soon be available for purchase. Contact Lorna for more information.